For Immediate Release

September 28, 2017

Contact: Bruce Harvie

Dr. Steve Ferrara Statement on Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Candidacy

Phoenix– Today, Republican Dr. Steve Ferrara made the following statement regarding the newly open seat in Congressional District 9.


“This is a major shift in the dynamic of the race,” said Dr. Ferrara. “but it doesn’t change our core strategy. We set out to bring fresh leadership and ideas to Washington to better serve the people of the 9th District. They need someone who truly understands important issues that affect their daily lives like healthcare and national defense. As a veteran, physician, and career Naval officer I’ve dedicated my life in service to our country. I’m less concerned about who the Democrat opponent is because this campaign is about more than party labels. It’s about sending a renewed and optimistic vision to Washington. It’s about restoring opportunity and solving the problems faced by regular Americans every day. I look forward to meeting with voters, listening to their issues, and working together to make an even brighter future for Arizona.”


Ferrara, already widely considered the likely Republican nominee, is now the frontrunner in the 9th District following Sinema’s announcement. Ferrara raised over $250,000 during his first quarter after declaring his candidacy on May 12th.


Dr. Steve Ferrara was born and raised in Phoenix and joined the Navy at the outset of the first Gulf War. As a combat doctor, he pioneered new and lifesaving therapies on the battlefields of Afghanistan. As the Navy’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ferrara helped lead one of the Nation’s finest health care systems, caring for over 9.5 million active, dependent, and retired service members around the world. The day after he retired from the Navy in 2016, he began serving Veterans at the Phoenix VA as an interventional radiologist. Steve and his wife Elizabeth, an active duty Navy Captain, have been married for over 22 years and have two teenage children, Madeleine and John.



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Steve ferrara is a retired member of the navy. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from the department of defense or the navy.